Your 10 Most Popular Questions about German Shepherd Dogs

Considering bringing a German shepherd into your home? Perhaps you already have one and want to ensure that you’re providing the right care for your beloved pet. Whatever the case, we’ve assembled the 10 most popular questions about German shepherd dogs and their answers for you below.

1. Can German shepherd dogs swim?

Yes, German shepherds can swim, although not all of them like the water. With that being said, training and familiarity can help make them more water loving.

Can GSDs swim?

2. Can German shepherd dogs eat apples?

Yes, German shepherds can eat apples, although care needs to be used when feeding them. Do not give your dog apple seeds, as they contain very small amounts of cyanide. Also, avoid feeding your dog the core, as it can be a choking hazard.

3. Can German shepherd dogs eat cheese?

Cheese can be a nice treat for your dog, but it should be given in very small amounts. Avoid high-fat cheeses, and know if your dog is lactose intolerant.

4. Are German shepherd dogs good for first time owners?

German shepherds can be good dogs for first time owners, but it is important that they are properly trained, just as with any other dog breed.

Are German shepherd dogs good for first time owners

5. Do German shepherd dogs shed?

Yes, they do. Regular brushing, bathing and grooming can alleviate the amount, though.

Do German Shepherds Shed?

6. What do German shepherd dogs eat?

German shepherds can eat the same diet as any other dog of the same weight/size, including dry dog foods. It’s more important to tailor your dog’s diet to their age and activity level.

What do German Shepherds eat?

7. Are German shepherd dogs good with kids?

German shepherds can be good with children, but they can also be very protective. As with any dog breed, adult supervision is important, though.

Are German Shepherds good with children?

8. Why do police use German shepherd dogs for their K-9 units?

German shepherds are used due to their high intelligence, and their ability to be trained. These same qualities make the German shepherd a good work dog in a number of other roles, as well.

Why do police use German shepherd dogs for their K-9 units

9. How fast can German shepherd dogs run?

An adult German shepherd can run around 30 miles per hour, although not for a sustained length of time. If your dog isn’t running like he used to, consider adding a supplement like Vivamune, which can help to alleviate joint problems that GSDs often suffer from.

Running German Shepherd Dog

10. Can two male German shepherd dogs live together?

Yes, they can, although training is needed. It is also easier if both males are “fixed”, as this limits aggressive tendencies.

Did we answer all your questions about GSDs? If not, let us know in the comments below! And if you are the proud owner of a GSD let us know that too!

Two German Shepherd Dogs

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  1. My dog is under one year old but gets so excited all the time when she meets people , how can I slow her down and be a lot calmer ?

    1. Thanks for your question Andrew! Unfortunately as a supplement company, we are not qualified to give out specific training advice so we suggest that you reach out to a local trainer to help you with your pup. Best of luck!

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