Should You Buy a Pocket Beagle?

The idea of a “smaller version” of a popular breed often appeals to fans of that breed, and so the Pocket Beagle has become quite popular with fans of any type of Beagle or Beagle-like breed. However, it is important to consider if you are a good fit for this breed before adopting a pup and bringing it home. Let’s consider the factors that can help you decide whether to buy a Pocket Beagle or not.

As one expert said of the decision-making process, Pocket Beagles are “compact scent hounds. . . merry and fun-loving, but they’re still hounds and as such require patience and creative training techniques to overcome their sometimes stubborn nature.”

Not sure if that’s all the information you need to make a decision? Here are a few more facts that may help you decide.

They Are An Ancient Breed

You might think that Pocket Beagles are a new innovation in breeding, but they have been around since the Middle Ages, dating from the 11th to 13th centuries.

The breed did disappear at one point in the 1800s before re-emerging in the past few decades (technically it was recreated and is not the same breed as the dogs once kept by famed English Queen Elizabeth I).

Today they are not yet recognized by most kennel clubs, including the AKC (American Kennel Club), though that organization does recognize Standard Beagles as small as 13” in height.

Standing no taller than a foot in height, pocket beagles were initially bred as optimal small animal hunters – especially rabbits hunters. They can get underneath brush and undergrowth easily which gives them a natural edge.

Their instinct to hunt remains in the breed’s DNA, and just as you need to carefully train a Standard Beagle, you also need to discourage your Pocket Beagle from following the scent and going hunting.

They Are Pack Animals

You don’t have to adopt a small group of Pocket Beagles, but you do have to keep in mind that a single dog left alone at home all day is going to become a miserable dog quite quickly. If you are away for long periods of the day, adopting a pair of Pocket Beagles is a must.

They Are Intelligent

Also note that the Pocket Beagle is a very smart breed prone to easy boredom (and the destruction that follows). Daily games and training are part of the life of a Pocket Beagle owner.

They need a lot of exercise, too, and it is a good idea to pair training and exercise into their days.

They do not mix well with smaller pets like guinea pigs or rabbits since their prey drive remains intact throughout life. So, it is best to avoid trying to bring them into homes where smaller pets already live.

The Pocket Beagle is just a small version of a Beagle and requires the same attention to training, activity and care. If you love the looks of a Beagle, and the personality that comes with this breed, you’ll appreciate a Pocket Beagle, too!

Are you a Beagle owner? Have you met a Pocket Beagle? Let us know in the comments below.

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