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Kitty Elwood’s “catitude” is so much brighter

I was introduced to Vivamune Health Chews by a friend of mine when I told her how my cat, Elwood, who is 17 years old, was experiencing joint discomfort. I was skeptical but thought I had nothing to lose and if it helped him, all the better.

I give him one Vivamune chew, once a day and mix it up in his food. I can’t believe the difference it has made in such a short time! His whole “catitude” seems so much brighter and he just seems to be moving around more comfortably! He has even taken to going upstairs again which he hasn’t done for quite some time. A friend of mine also commented on the difference in Elwood without knowing I was giving him Vivamune.

I doubted! I’m a believer! I have my best friend back! Thanks Vivamune!

Brittany Spaniel with bone disease and valgus deformity uses Oximol

I would just like to share with others my great experience with the Oximunol product from Avivagen. I had the opportunity to sign up for the 50 day trial of the Oximunol for my brittany spaniel, Sam. He was diagnosed with HOD when he was 5 months old. As an adult he suffers from a severe valgus deformity. Now 6 years later and trying different “mobility” and joint supplements including NSAID’s, to make him comfortable we were introduced to the Oximunol. It worked wonders for him.

His activity level is back to normal running through fields and playing with his house mates. He no longer deals with terrible skin and hives that he was experiencing with some of the food products. He takes his daily Oximunol happily, which makes us very happy.

Thanks Avivagen!

(For those that don’t know, HOD stands for Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, a developmental bone disease that usually affects puppies between the ages of two and eight months. HOD occurs when there is a disturbance in the blood supply to the growth plate, leading to delays in bone production. This weakened bony lattice develops microscopic fractures, with the resulting inflammation causing pain and lameness.)

Nifty, a 16 year old Australian Shepard, uses Oximunol

I absolutely am floored by how Nifty (now 16 year old Australian Shepherd) has improved on Oximunal. how can I order it online? Her movement is MUCH better, she is spunkier, not acting like a 16 year old dog at all!

Thank you for the opportunity to try her on it, I am totally sold on the product.”

Little dogs sometimes have big problems. China did.

China is a little dog that is part Yorkie and part Maltese. She has had a lot of bones broken in her lifetime (she is only two years old!). Since starting the Oximunol Chewables we have noticed her hair is softer, thicker, and she appears much happier than ever before. She requires less brushing and she prances like a reindeer! She will always be shy and timid, but now she doesn’t hide all day long.

Pushka uses Oximunol for horse injury

Pushka was injured by a horse several years ago, which prevented her from being able to get up without my help.
Within a week of trying Oximunol, I started to see improvements in Pushka’s mobility. Now, she gets up on her own and she’s walking better.

Bo uses Oximunol after surgery

My dog Bo was in a cast for 8 weeks after a surgery. She couldn’t climb stairs, jump on the bed, or get in and out of the vehicle. She also couldn’t swim or even go to the beach. I started giving her Oximunol. After 3 – 4 weeks she started to bear weight.

Her quality of life increased. And today, she is running around and she’s back to her old self.

A whole family of dogs benefit from Oximunol Chewables!

Just wanted to let you know that our dogs (Molly & Miki) are doing well with the Oximunol. But the great story is my Mom and Dad’s dog, Missy.
Missy was so sore she could hardly get up and down the stairs and now she is running around like a little puppy again! In fact, my Dad has mentioned it to others who have gone and purchased Oximunol and they are also seeing great results with their dogs as well!

Milo swims again with Oximunol Chewables

I have a 9 year old Chocolate Lab named Milo. In October 2011 Milo broke his leg. After the x-rays I got the sad news that his leg had cancer in the bone and was full of arthritis. He was very stiff and limped every day. I gave him aspirin on a daily basis. Then I went to the PEI 2012 Home Show where I was given a bottle of Oximunol Chewables.

Now, Milo no longer limps! He hasn’t had any aspirin since he started taking the Oximunol and he is full of life again. I see the puppy in him everyday! We even went to the beach the other day and Milo swam for 2 hours (an activity we had to stop doing last summer)! AND he had no stiffness or limping afterwards! Words cannot describe what Oximunol has done for him. They have kept my best friend in my life and for that I am forever grateful!!

P.S – This made me cry writing it, I will definitely be spreading the word about this product, it means so much to me and Milo!

Bella & Lady see results in only two weeks with Oximunol

Thank you to Alana (Avivagen Customer Service) for introducing us to the Oximunol Chewable tablets This supplement has changed our dogs’ lives! We couldn’t believe how fast and how good they work.

We have two dogs, Bella and Lady. Before we started using the Oximunol Chewables, Bella had bad back legs and could hardly walk some days and both dogs were really bad for shedding hair. We started giving the Oximunol to the dogs and started to see a difference. Within about 2 weeks the shedding of hair was going away and Bella was able to run and play again with Lady! Thanks again!

Phoenix’s vet “floored” with mobility improvements after using Oximunol

Our vet, who does more physical therapy, was really floored with the amount of flexibility/decrease in the swelling around Phoenix joints (after using Oximunol).

I know none of the meds will make him 100% better, but Oximunol has truly helped with his mobility levels. His joints seem less painful as well!

The pain meds Phoenix is currently on are for bone spurs/growths that have been bothering him. Our vet hopes that right now it’s not cancerous, and that they should fuse back into the bones on his front legs (stabilizing them more), which I know Oximnuol won’t help with, however the relief his joints have been feeling since he has been on the Oximunol is incredible. We still do his daily stretches/messages, but he is more willing to run and play with his siblings, Arwen and Brinx.

I had hoped since he has done so well on the Oximnuol to be able to finish 2 more obedience titles , and 2 rally titles, however with the new development of the bone spurs, I had to make the decision to retire him from showing. I would rather work on his quality of life instead, and I know that Oximunol is really helping with that, even if its only taking some of the pressure/inflammation off of his joints.

I think it’s a fabulous supplement, and I am really glad our vet suggested it to us (and that we did the Oximunol trial). I will continue to recommend it to my friends and family, because I have seen first hand what it can do 🙂

Bella The Wonderdog even more wonderful with Oximunol!

The change in Bella’s mobility since starting the Oximuol has been quite noticeable. The very obvious stiffness in her hips that she had when lifting herself up from a lying down position has almost disappeared!! And, while it is difficult to measure, she does seem to shed less as well.

After trying Oximunol Chewables Frankie is more energetic and keener to explore!

It is hard to describe the change in Frankie since starting on the Oximunol, he used to be reluctant to go on walks, sort of a homebody. Now, Frankie doesn’t need any encouragement to go on a walk! He is more energetic and keener to explore. In the house, he seems more attentive, or engaged, or something. There is something different for sure!

Oximunol gives Steve his dog back

I got your product as a part of the online Oximunol 50 Day Challenge for my 13 year old black lab. He was showing his age, slow to move around, no silly look on his face. We started him on the Oximunol Chewables and he has started to move around again with no pain! He even sat up and begged for a cookie – something he has not done for at least 3 years! He is having fun again, at least according to the goofy grin on his face…

You have given me back my dog. Thank you!

Tess doing GREAT on Oximunol!

Tess is doing great in all aspects of the alleged benefits of Oximunol! Her mobility is greatly increased and two weekends ago, after a long walk on the dyke and many runs at the flocks of geese as well as some swims, she completely amazed us by not requiring her Deramaxx as usual. The next day she was once again raring to go! Her shedding has greatly decreased as well. We actually noticed these changes in Tess within the first week of her taking her new magic pill!

We saw a positive difference in Pepper within a few days of starting the Oximunol.

I hope that this wasn’t a placebo test! Pepper’s energy improved and so did the ablity to go up and down the stairs. I have a friend who also has a 10 year old dog; he would like to try your supplement. I will give him your e-mail address.

Febe’s feeling much better thanks to Vivamune

My little Febe was having trouble with her hind end, but since using Vivamune she has better mobility and a real nice coat. Thank you!

Pete is back to feeling like an active puppy with Vivamune

Pete, my 8-year old, 80lb, Newfoundland mix, has a soft spot in one of his front elbows. A dog bone specialist said there was nothing he could do for him. Pete was having stiffness in his joints and trouble walking. Since giving him the Vivamune Chews for the past 30 days, however, I have noticed a surprising improvement. He has returned to his puppy-like behaviors – we can hardly keep him in the house! He bolts out the back door and runs the fence line with my neighbor’s dog and is chasing my other two dogs around the back yard again. He is even unrolling our toilet paper and trying to chew up my slippers like he did when he was a puppy! I would definitely recommend Vivamune Chews for any dog with mobility issues.

Bailey’s health greatly improved with Vivamune

I began giving the Vivamune Chews to my dog, Bailey, for his arthritis back in November 2013. Bailey is a 14 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross that we adopted from the Orlando ASPCA after he was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. In addition to arthritis, Bailey also has a 4/6 heart murmur and has a history of vomiting bile in the morning if he doesn’t eat well the day before. After only two weeks of being on the Vivamune we noticed that Bailey was limping less often and less dramatically. He seems to have more energy now and even his morning vomiting has improved – he has only vomited once since starting the supplement! I am pleased to say that I have noticed a big improvement in Bailey’s health compared to what it was prior to trying the Vivamune.

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