Testimonial Library

Lainey has tons of energy and beautiful coat with Oximunol

Lainey has no major symptoms, but being so tiny and fussy I felt she wasn’t getting all the nourishment she needed.

I had been looking for something for her in the past couple of years (she will be 3 in May) that could be added to her diet that wouldn’t be totally rejected by her. I’ve tried powdered prebiotics/probiotics but it was a waste of money as she wouldn’t eat the food that I put it in. We were introduced to Oximunol in February at the Doggie Expo in Halifax. I’ve been giving her 1/2 tablet daily – I just pop it in her mouth so it’s easier to give. I feel that she is less-fragile than before – she sure has tons of energy and her coat is beautiful! Her bark might even be a little bit louder. Ha ha!

Fergus scratches less and moves more with Oximunol

Just wanted to let you know that Fergus is doing very well on the Oximunol Chewables! He is still taking his Oximunol and is much less itchy than in the past, his hair is thicker and shinier than before (he was losing it) and he seems more agile. Fergus is almost 9 and was starting to have problems getting up on the sofa and bed. We have noticed however, that whereas he used to be a very fussy eater, since beginning to take Oximunol he seems to be a bottomless pit. This is good as he always was a little underweight and at times would go on hunger strikes.

We’re really glad we found Oximunol for Fergus and we will continue to use it.

Bailey’s health greatly improved with Vivamune

I began giving the Vivamune Chews to my dog, Bailey, for his arthritis back in November 2013. Bailey is a 14 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross that we adopted from the Orlando ASPCA after he was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico. In addition to arthritis, Bailey also has a 4/6 heart murmur and has a history of vomiting bile in the morning if he doesn’t eat well the day before. After only two weeks of being on the Vivamune we noticed that Bailey was limping less often and less dramatically. He seems to have more energy now and even his morning vomiting has improved – he has only vomited once since starting the supplement! I am pleased to say that I have noticed a big improvement in Bailey’s health compared to what it was prior to trying the Vivamune.

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