Is Your Dog Allergic to Grass?

An allergy to grass is a very common seasonal allergy that affects our canine friends. Dogs that are allergic to grass will experience negative reactions to the grass pollen and can show symptoms such as itchy paws and excessive licking.

Seasonal grass allergies are most common in the Spring and early Summer when grass pollen is most active. While all dog breeds can be affected by seasonal allergies, there are certain breeds that seem to be more prone to developing a seasonal grass allergy. In general, seasonal allergies usually affect dogs over the age of 2 although there have been reports of dogs exhibiting symptoms as early as 5 months of age.

While humans tend to experience seasonal grass allergies as sneezing and watery eyes, our dogs most often show signs associated with the skin including itchiness, scratching, and head shaking. The skin in the ear canal can also be affected by seasonal allergies which may lead to inflammation.


– Scratching
– Licking or chewing at the paws or body
– Reddish discoloration of the fur on the paws or between toes – this is due to saliva staining from licking
– Rubs face on furniture or floor
If you suspect your dog may have a seasonal allergy to grass be sure to speak with your veterinarian. While seasonal allergies tend to recur annually , there are medications and supplements that can support the immune system and may help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with a seasonal grass allergy.

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