French Bulldog 411 – Is This Breed Right for You?

French Bulldog - is it the best breed for your family?

French Bulldogs, also called Frenchies, are one of the hottest and most in-demand breeds in the world. This is a big change from where the breed stood even ten years earlier. In fact, in 2003 the breed was not even in the top 50 breeds. Today, it is in the top ten in terms of popularity.

What has caused a surge in French Bulldog ownership? The most obvious answer is the breed’s impossible level of cuteness and good looks. Yet, there is more to the story.

The Personality Goes with the Looks

The American Kennel Club describes the breed as “adaptable, playful, smart…one-of-a-kind…a charmer.” They are small dogs, but rarely yappy or verbal to any extent (though the famous Walter Geoffrey of Instagram fame is quite vocal). Many owners say that their Frenchie is a clown and extremely polite with strangers, though also stubborn and sensitive.

So, they are characters, which means you must be prepared for this if you are entertaining the idea of adopting a French Bulldog into your home or family.

If you are wondering just whether or not a Frenchie is a good dog for your household, you need to consider some other factors than their entirely unique personalities.

The Activity Level of a Frenchie

They are also growing in popularity because of their ideal fit with an urban lifestyle. After all, they are a smaller dog that is not at all delicate. They do not need a lot of exercise to remain healthy, and an hour of easy walking and playing gentle games such as catch or fetch is all it takes to keep them mentally and physically fit. If you want a hiking buddy, though, a Frenchie is out of the question. Their short legs and respiratory issues can add up to serious problems and limitations. They must also not be forced to swim as they are horrible swimmers and even prone to drowning.

If you have visions of training a dog to do all kinds of tricks, the Frenchie is not the best option. They are smart, but they are also stubborn. They can be tough to house train because of this. They can also be mischief makers, but rarely with any sort of nastiness. It is their playful natures that get them into “trouble”.

Do They Get Along with Others?

Frenchies are tremendous diplomats and the only “group” where any sort of anti-social behaviors may occur are when one unaltered male meets another. They are fantastic with kids, fine with cats and other pets, and generally sociable with other dogs.

If we are talking “getting along with others,” however, we cannot ignore one major complaint that owners of Frenchies will offer freely, and that is their gassiness. They are known to be among the most flatulent breeds around and can be intolerably stinky for some owners.

Making Your Pet Decision

If You are NOT Okay With . . .

  • Gassiness and flatulence issues
  • A dog that breathes loudly, snorts or slobbers
  • Stubbornness to the point that house training can become a big challenge
  • Health problems related to respiratory issues and short snout
  • Expensive to buy
  • Unpredictability of temperament (physical traits are inherited in this breed, but not personalities and each Frenchie is unique and unpredictable based on parental personalities)

. . . You may not do well with a French Bulldog

If You Are Okay With…

  • Any of the negative issues above, and a dog that is:
  • Smallish, but sturdy
  • Clownish and expressive
  • Easy to care for coat without lots of shedding
  • Friendly to all, including other animals
  • Low level of exercise needed
  • Quiet and without much barking
  • Expressive face…

A Frenchie may be a good fit for your home. Since their popularity has increased by more than one thousand percent in a decade, it is likely that they are a good fit for many homes.

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