Fourteen Fun Facts About Pugs You Need to Know

Pugs are arguably the cutest and most lovable breed. Here are fourteen fun facts about pugs sure to tug at your heart strings.

1. Pugs originated in China.

Pugs originated in China

2. They are oh-so-cute!

A pug is cute

3. Their coats are typically fawn or black, but they can also be apricot or silver tinted.

Their coats are typically fawn or black, but they can also be apricot or silver tinted

4. A group of pugs is called a “grumble”.

A group of pugs is called a grumble

5. They are brachycephalic which gives them their famous “smushed face” appearance but can also cause breathing difficulties.

pugs often have breathing difficulty

6. Due to their large, protruding eyes, pugs are prone to eye injuries.

Pug eyes are prone to injury

7. Pug’s tails generally have some sort of curl or twist to them, but the “double curl” is most desirable.

Pug with double curl tail

8. They LOVE eating and can end up being overweight if food intake is not monitored.

Watch your pug's weight

9. They really are incredibly cute!

Pugs are Cute!

10. Pugs are NOT known for their swimming abilities.

Pugs can't swim

11. But have pretty much made sleeping an Olympic sport.

Pugs are great at sleeping

12. Actually, pugs are well known for their laziness . . .

Pugs are lazy

13. . . . but this also makes them great companions and master cuddlers.

Pugs are great cuddlers

14. Did I mention how cute they are?

Pugs are really, really cute

Pugs are one of the cutest breeds to be sure! They’re also one with the weakest immune system, causing issues from mange to joint problems and of course breathing problems. Do your best to keep your pug’s weight in check, and take action to help build a healthy immune system for your pup, and they’ll stay as cute as ever. Read some of our tips for managing joint issues in this article.

Help keep their coat in good condition by brushing daily to remove dead hair.

The characteristic folds in their face may contribute to their adorable looks, but they can also contribute to health issues. Be sure to wash their faces every night. A gentle wipe is all it takes to keep your pup free from bacteria that can contribute to illness.

And their flat faces can often contribute to dental trouble – it’s hard to get all 42 teeth in that small space! Brush their teeth on a regular basis to help keep their gums healthy.

Can’t get enough pics of pugs? Check out Pugspot’s adorable user-submitted pictures. Are you a pug parent? Tell us about your pug baby below!

Fourteen Fun Facts About Pugs You Need to Know
If you love pugs, you'll love these 14 facts you didn't know you needed to know. Oh, did we mention they have adorable pics to go with them?

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