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Here’s How To Find The Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

If you are the happy and fortunate owner of a golden retriever, you already know you are someone who shares their life with a truly fantastic creature. "Goldens" have a stellar reputation, and...

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Thinking About Probiotics for Dogs? What You Need to Know

Probiotics…we hear about them all of the time and know that they are great for our own health, but what about probiotics for dogs? It helps to first be sure you know what probiotics are and then...

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How to Help a Gassy Dog

Does your dog suffer from a bad case of gas? Any pet owner knows that dog farts are not pleasant for anyone in the house. Your nose isn’t happy, your guests are wondering what that smell is, and...

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The Best Dog Dry Skin Remedies

If you see your dog scratching often, your first thought may be a dreaded flea infestation. But it’s just as likely that your dog could have dry skin. Dry skin is just as uncomfortable for a dog as...

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