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General Health
Your 10 Most Popular Questions about German Shepherd Dogs

Considering bringing a German shepherd into your home? Perhaps you already have one and want to ensure that you’re providing the right care for your beloved pet. Whatever the case, we’ve...

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Immune health
Want a Healthier, Happier Pet? Start With Their Immune System

Does your dog have itchy skin, seasonal allergies, mobility issues, digestive problems or general lack of pep?  You may be surprised to hear it might be a problem with their immune system. What is...

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Is Your Dog Just Getting Old Or Could Something Be Wrong?

 5 Signs To Watch For Your dog used to run, jump and almost shiver with delight when you came in the door, but lately you’re lucky to get a raised ear and a tail thump. Is it just old age...

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Six Game-Changing Tips to Healthy Skin for Your Dog

From fleas in the summer to seasonal allergies in the spring, skin issues have been reported to be the leading concern of pet owners. Many dogs are sensitive to environmental allergens as well as...

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