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As pet owners ourselves, we appreciate that pets are equally important members of the family. When our pets are unwell we want to do everything we can to help them feel better. Natural health supplements offer an alternative without the worry of side effects from pharmaceutical products. And that is why we created Vivamune. Vivamune is the only supplement to contain our proprietary active ingredient OxC-beta™ Compound. Rigorously researched and developed in Canada by a dedicated team of chemists, biochemists and veterinary immunologists, OxC-beta™ Compound is a revolution in the pet supplement world.

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Healthy From The Inside Out

Vivamune works from the inside out as it supports your pet’s immune system, regulating essential biological processes which in turn has positive effects on mobility, joint health, skin and gut health. This is truly a holistic supplement that promises to simplify keeping your pet healthy with one daily chew.

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OxC-beta™ Compound is making its mark in the scientific community, with four peer-reviewed scientific papers published in leading journals on its chemistry and biology.

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Graham Burton

Chief Scientific Officer

Originally from New Zealand, Graham moved to Canada many years ago to pursue an interest in developing opportunities in biochemical science. Having undertaken his formal education in New Zealand, including a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Graham completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Arkansas and the University of California at Berkeley. Graham is the co-founder of Avivagen and is responsible for the discovery of our incredible active ingredient, OxC-beta.

Tracy Gillet

Director of Companion Animal

If you have a technical or marketing question about Vivamune feel free to contact Tracy. Originally from Australia, Tracy holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Queensland and worked as a companion animal veterinarian for over a decade before heading across the Pacific and joining the Avivagen team here in Canada.  Her wealth of knowledge and passion for pets makes her the perfect Vivamune expert who is ready to answer any technical questions.

Because your dog deserves it.

Avivagen is a proud member of the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC). The NASC seal guarantees that our supplements meet guidelines for quality, integrity and truth in labeling, which gives pet owners an additional degree of confidence in the quality of Avivagen products. You can trust in the quality of our supplements and our dedication to continue to provide you, our customer, with new and innovative products that will help your pet live a healthy life.

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