Putting the PEP back in Peaches

She’s short, she’s feisty and she won’t hesitate to tell you off if you get in her space.

Did I mention she’s 11 year’s old and she’s my poodle?

For those that know her, Peaches is a typical little dog: she’s a tad yappy and has a Napoleon Complex that could knock your socks off.

In her youth, Peaches could always be counted on to race around in a frantic search for her ever-present Frisbee toy with the simple utterance of the word “fetch”. It seemed her endless energy knew no bounds and she was always up for a fun play session.

But in recent years Peaches had slowed down. A lot.

No longer able to walk the stairs, Peaches seemed to have resigned herself to life on the main floor of our home and spent most of her days curled up in her bed. As for her favorite Frisbee, it was retired to the toy box and served as a painful reminder of her younger years.

Then we tried Vivamune.

I have to say that I am about as skeptical as they come. Seven years managing veterinary hospitals and I have certainly seen my fair share of less than helpful supplements that hopeful owners would try in an effort to prolong their pet’s health and vitality.

But after seeing the plethora of research behind OxC-beta and carotenoids I was convinced that this was something that might be helpful so I decided to give Vivamune a try.

And boy am I glad I did.

After only two weeks the changes in Peaches was undeniable.

She’s back to racing up and down the stairs and she even went rummaging through her toy box and pulled out her Frisbee which she has taken to chasing around with her brother Stewie on a daily basis.

In fact, as we speak she is taking a much deserved rest with her trusty toy by her side.

And I’m not the only one who has noticed the changes.

A few nights ago my husband and I decided to spend a quiet evening at home with a few friends who have known Peaches for many years. Even they couldn’t help but notice the changes in her activity level, mobility and mood.

She’s more energetic, less anxious and overall just seems happier.

Getting older is certainly never a fun process, but it seems that the Vivamune has given Peaches a new lease on life and is letting her enjoy her mature years in comfort and with dignity.

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