Carotenoids for Pet Health

Ever wonder what makes a carrot orange? It’s β-carotene, just one of over 600 carotenoids belonging to a family of compounds represented in every photosynthetic plant, as well as various microorganisms, including certain fungi and algae. But it’s not just about esthetics. β-Carotene is an indispensible carotenoid compound that has gained massive popularity in the health and beauty market.

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Immune Health for Dogs and Cats

Your pet’s immune system is critical to his or her overall health and well-being. Without it your pet would be unable to defend itself against the multitude of bacteria and viruses that exist in the environment. The immune system is a large and complex defensive network that can be broadly divided into two main branches, innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

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Inflammation in Pets

When it comes to inflammation, our pet’s bodies are not much different from our own. The same telltale signs of inflammation seen in ourselves can also be seen in our furry companions.

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Bo, a happy 10-year-old golden retriever from PEI, has been taking our supplements for the last two years.

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